AMGI management

About Us:

For over 25 years, AMGI has been helping companies worldwide to achieve measurable business results by improving enterprise wide operations linking Strategy, Technology and Innovation.

We began as a boutique management consultancy specializing in engineering and technology driven businesses. We have honed our practical experience, in aerospace, defense, consumer goods, media, newspaper publishing, industrial equipment, engineering, to create well packaged set of methodologies focused on the management and application of Innovation.

We have transitioned our business to focus on corporate education and training in the field of Innovation Management. Our passion is to transfer knowledge to executives and management to actually drive and sustain innovation through the company by building the competencies and capabilities of the key change agents.

Areas of expertise:

  • Engineering and New Product Development Management
  • Enterprise (ERP) Systems Implementation
  • Lean Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Organizational Development and Management Coaching
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • ERP & NPD Rescue Programs