About Us:

AtFocus was founded in 2002 from a vision of All of our clients are highly referencable. We bring a level of commitment to our clients that we believe sets us apart from other consulting firms. Above all, we are dedicated to client service and quality outcomes. Our clients have commented that we provide excellent value for money.

Since inception, AtFocus has provided customized consulting services across Canada and the US. We work with private and public service organizations to:

  • Improve: Enhance your business, services and performance
  • Perform: Produce high quality deliverables and outcomes
  • Achieve: Assist you to realize success

We have vendor of record arrangements with several public sector organizations.

Areas of expertise:

  • Organizational Goal Setting
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Process Efficiency Improvement
  • Effective Business Process Design
  • Contact Centre Service Delivery Optimization
  • Customer/Case Relationship Management