About Us:

Bataleur Enterprises excels at supporting organizations rethink their strategy, governance and business models within a systems context.

Incorporated some 20 years ago, Bataleur Enterprises’ predominant focus is strategy, leadership and governance in the voluntary sector with a particular specialty in health: charities, hospitals, academic medicine, physician leadership and management. Other areas of expertise include: education, social justice, member-based organizations, and interorganizational collaboration.

Bataleur Enterprises has had the privilege of working with many recognized and emerging organizations, all seeking to make a difference in the lives of Canadians whether at the community, provincial or national levels. Bataleur Enterprises is known for its pragmatic yet principled approaches, its solution orientation based on theoretical rigour, its high levels of professionalism and client service, its commitment to client learning and growth, and its thought leadership. Consequently, most of its work is with repeat clients or through referrals.

Areas of expertise:

  • Quality management
  • Strategic planning
  • Organization restructuring