Data Insight Group

About Us:

Data Insight Group Inc. (DiG) is a boutique consultancy that specializes in simplifying what is complex in marketing today.  Through a combination of hands-on analytic support and strategic consulting, we help our clients navigate their customer data (big and small) in order to magnify its value and enable data-driven marketing strategies.

The DiG Tactical Unit™ was created to encourage a powerful in-house collaboration between the experts in your business and DiG marketing analytic specialists – seamlessly providing just the right amount of support to ensure your goals are being achieved.

This unique business model of ‘in-sourcing’ enables not only optimal collaboration between client and consultant, but it ensures that your biggest asset, your data, stays protected behind your firewalls.

Areas of expertise:

  • Analytic planning
  • Infrastructure and processes
  • Team development and mentoring
  • Subject matter analysis